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Initiatives for SDGs

Ganbare's vision is to contribute to society in the areas of electricity, water, education and health promotion. We will work on SDGs through our activities.

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List of 17 goals for SDGs
  1. Let's get rid of poverty

  2. Zero hunger

  3. Health and welfare for all

  4. High quality education for everyone

  5. Achieve gender equality

  6. Safe water and toilets around the world

  7. Energy for everyone and clean

  8. Both job satisfaction and economic growth

  9. Let's lay the foundation for industry and technological innovation

  10. Eliminate inequality between people and countries

  11. Creating a town where you can continue to live

  12. Responsibility to create Responsibility to use

  13. Take concrete measures against climate change

  14. Let's protect the richness of the sea

  15. Let's protect the richness of the land

  16. Peace and justice for all

  17. Achieve your goals in partnership

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