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Personal profile


After graduating from university, played at multiple clubs in Japan and overseas. I also played in the Scandinavian Latvian League. After retiring, I became the first Japanese coach for women's representatives in Senegal, and at the same time, until 2021, I was active as a "Kanagawa Global Citizens Messenger" as a bridge between the citizens of the prefecture and the people of the world.

Currently, as a high school physical education teacher, I conveys the joy of exercising, and as an adviser to the soccer club, I works closely with students to strengthen them.

In 2022, he established ZERO ONE FOOTBALL, which is the representative, and developed a soccer school and a physical up school under the theme of "I can see that I got better, I can see that I got faster." Focus on international activities that make the most of his career, including coaching that is conscious of the world.

My experience in Africa has greatly broadened my horizons. We are active on various platforms to contribute to as many people as possible, such as human education, technical improvement, health promotion, and international cooperation through soccer.


"Meet soccer, meet friends, meet dreams. Soccer enriches one's life."

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