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Dagbede Marcel

Personal profile


I am from the Republic of Benin in West Africa, I came to Japan in 2013 after graduating from university in Benin. At Kyoto University, I was studying in the Department of Energy Transformation Science. We have developed a suspicious object detection device to counter terrorism in the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

I work in Kyoto as an electrical engineer. I've loved soccer since I was a kid, and I still play soccer and futsal on weekends in the social circle.

FC Ganbare is an association that was established when I was in Benin. I think that the fact that I participated in JCI (Junior Chamber International) and learned about social contribution during college was put to good use.

Vision aims to contribute to society in the fields of electricity, water, education, and health promotion, but at the moment I love soccer, so my main activity is soccer. Laughter However, I hope that not only strengthening the team but also activities will lead to education.

JFA Soccer Level 4 Referee, License Certified D Level Coach

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